NEW open positions at BCAM

NEW open positions at BCAM

We are glad to announce that we have launched a series of projects related to different areas of applied mathematics. We are looking a research technician and a PhD fellow to collaborate in those projects. Both of them will work on the research project “Early prognosis of COVID-19 infections via machine learning” funded by AXA Research Fund.

Research technician in Machine Learning for COVID-19 prognosis

PhD Fellowship in Supervised Learning for COVID-19 prognosis

The researcher will work in Machine learning for COVID-19 prognosis. Will have demonstrated knowledge in Machine Learning techniques and mathematics and good programming skills in Python or Matlab. Also, will have to promise young researchers and have Bachelor’s or Master preferable in Computer Science, Mathematics, Phy

sics. The researcher will develop techniques for supervised classification based on minimax approaches and apply such techniques to predict the future severity of COVID-19 infections using medical health records. Candidates are expected to have strong mathematical background with experience on software languages for numerical computing such as Matlab and Python.

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Deadline for applications: September 18, 2020