Open positions at BCAM

We are glad to announce that we have launched a series of projects related to different areas of applied mathematics. We are looking for 2 postdoctoral fellows and a research technician to collaborate in those projects.

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Singularity Theory and Algebraic Geometry

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Quantum Many-Body Problems

We are paying special attention to Maximal Cohen Macaulay modules and Matrix Factorizations, Characteristic Classes for singular spaces, Lipschitz Geometry on Singularities and a new connection of Algebraic Geometry and Singularity Theory with Floer Homology Theories.
The current postdoc position is aimed to work on topics of Mathematics of Quantum Many-Body Problems. The person will have research experience and interest in these topics and knowledge of functional and convex analysis, operator algebra, quantum statistical mechanics.

Knowledge Transfer Research Fellow

The KTU Fellowship aims to transfer scientific knowledge and expertise between BCAM and Industry with the particular interest in building collaborative research with Bizkaia's industrial sector and SMEs. The successful candidate will be expected to lead industrial projects that would improve company business' competitiveness and productivity through knowledge transfer and mathematical technologies and also achieve scientific outcomes.

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Deadline for applications: March 30, 2020