Assistant Teaching Professor at UC Berkeley Statistics

Berkeley Statistics is hiring a new Assistant Teaching Professor this year (application deadline January 31st; candidates can apply here).

This is a position with the possibility of security of employment, for candidates whose primary interest is teaching and pedagogy in our field. They will be joining a department that has a long history of pedagogical contributions and innovation. Along with our CS colleagues, we are once again changing the way the subject is taught – candidates are encouraged to browse Data 8 , Data 100 , Prob 140 , and Data 102 as well as our undergraduate and Master's programs. We are looking for someone to join us in blending the classical and the modern in a reinvention of statistical education.

I can personally attest that the stats department takes teaching seriously and gives our teaching faculty a large amount of respect and authority; and our data science courses have already influenced how data science is taught at other public universities throughout the U.S.