Admission and registration

Note: This website is only informative and the pre-registration and enrolment process is carried out at the universities organising the Master's (USC, UDC and UVigo). By agreement, the regulations of the university where the student has enrolled will be applied to each student, although it will be possible to change the university of enrolment during the studies. In addition, it is also indicated that students will not encounter difficulties that prevent them from changing universities to take this degree. More precise and up-to-date information on the calendar, pre-enrolment, enrolment, lists of admitted students, etc. can be found on the main websites (teaching section on Masters in each of the three Galician universities).

  • Admission criteria and selection

Number of places for each University:

  1. University of Santiago de Compostela: 25 places.
  2. University of A Coruña: 25 places.
  3. University of Vigo: 25 places.
Special access test. No special access test is established for this Master.
Admission to the programme will be made taking into account the following aspects: degree access (70% - up to 7 points), student file (20% - up to 2 points) and curriculum vitae of the candidate (10% - up to 1 point). The access qualifications will be scored according to their degree of statistical content and operational research, in view of the student's file. By way of reference, the contents of a Degree in Mathematics will be evaluated between 6 and 7 points, depending on whether the student has taken complementary optional subjects of statistical content or operational research. Other undergraduate degrees with a relatively broad content of descriptive statistics and statistical inference will be evaluated between 5 and 6 points, depending also on the option taken. As a reference, this group includes Degrees in Biology, Psychology, Engineering, Medicine, Business Administration and Management, Economics or similar. The remaining undergraduate degrees that have a basic statistical content, understanding as such that there is no subject dedicated to the introduction of statistical concepts, but rather that statistics is used as an instrumental tool, will be evaluated between 3 and 4 points.

The following is a document in which the above-mentioned criteria have been developed:

Calendar of Pre-registration and Registration

This information will be updated as universities announce enrollment deadlines for the 2023-2024 academic year. We recommend that you always consult the official websites of each of the three universities.



Official website of the USC
USC Call for Matriculation 22-23
Complete USC Calendar




Official website of the UDC




Official website of the UVigo
Complete UVigo Calendar

The USC and UVigo allowed to enroll part of the courses so that students undertake the Masters in double time by following a curriculum that students agree with the coordinator of the Master. The UDC allows a partial registration of the course more flexible, less able to enroll subjects in each course. To this end, the student must have the approval of the coordinator of the Master. For more information on this type of registration to contact the coordinator of the Master in the current university.

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