Start of course session:
Presentation of the MTE by the Coordinators on Friday, September 11, 2020 at 10:00, will be online with MS Teams, and will be open to all potential students of the MTE, as well as teachers.
The link to join the meeting is as follows:

  • Both the session on Friday the 11th and the classes that will start on the 14th can be followed using the MS Teams videoconferencing tool, simply by following the link Aula Virtual MTE
  • As an exception, for the subject of Statistical Inference, due to its overlap with another subject, the link Aula Auxiliar MTE
  • Transparencies used during the presentation session: MTEPrimerDiaClases_20-21.

Timetables - Master in Statistical Techniques.
Course 2020/2021

Download here (first and third quarter) andy here (second quarter).

Timetables - Master in Statistical Techniques. Course 2020/2021. The teaching of the MTE in the academic year 2020-2021 will begin on 14 September 2020.