There is no doubt that Statistics and Operations Research are, as part of Mathematics, extremely important disciplines for understanding and being a driving force of the advances in other areas such as Economics, Engineering or Medicine, among others. This PhD Program in Statistics and Operations Research aims to provide a solid background in Statistics and Operations Researchs, and the ability to adapt to the requirements of nowadays society. It also seeks to promote the training of professionals in the area of Statistics and Operations Research, and the interconection between different areas.

The goals of this PhD agree with the strategic plan of the university, which pursues excelencie in research and transfer of technology and knowledge from the University to society, specially to the bussiness and industry sector, where the contributions of Statistics and Operations Research are indeed relevant.

  • Recipients  of the Ph.D. in Statistics and Operations Research
    1. University of Santiago de Compostela (coordinator). Department of Statistics, Mathematical Analysis and Optimization.
    2. University of A Coruña. Department of Mathematics.
    3. University of Vigo. Department of Statistics and Operational Research.
    • Organizing Universities
  • Students with master's degree or equivalent, who want to train as doctors in Statisticsand Operations Research.

The program will be integrated into the international doctoral schools of the three participating universities: USC, UDC and UVigo.