Proyectos Internacionales (5)

1) 768575
Predictive Cognitive Maintenance Decision Support System (PreCoM)

Horizon 2020 (Internacional)

Fin: 31-10-2020.

2) 3E120297
Developing crucial Statistical methods for Understanding major complex Dynamic Systems in natural, biomedical and social sciences

Interuniversity Attraction Pole (IAP). Phase VII. Belgian Science Policy (Internacional)

Fin: 31-03-2017.

Planning for Energy Efficient Cities (PLEEC)

Comisión Europea (Internacional)

Fin: 31-03-2016.

4) 012-ABEL-CM-2013
Efficient management of energy resources

European Economic Area Grants (EEA Grants) (Internacional)

Fin: 30-11-2015.

5) P6/03
Statistical Analysis os Association and Dependence in Complex Data. Interuniversity Attraction Pole (IAP)

Interuniversity Attraction Pole (IAP). Phase IV. Belgian Science Policy (Internacional)

Fin: 31-12-2011.